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πŸš€ Day Three: Increasing Traffic, Subscribers & Customers To Boost Your Bottom Line

To grow your income, there’s a crucial formula to follow: more customers equals more income.

To get more customers, you need to focus on building your email list but where do these valuable subscribers come from?

The answer lies in increasing the traffic to your website.

Let’s break down the steps and see how they work together:

Increase Traffic: Getting more traffic from various sources should always be a top priority. Make it a regular practice to work on boosting your website’s visibility and attracting new visitors. Keep a close eye on your growth and continuously explore fresh ideas to drive even more traffic.

Grow Your List: As you start attracting more traffic, your email list will naturally grow. However, don’t stop there. Optimize your opt-in forms to increase conversion rates. Consider creating new lead magnets that cater to different sub-groups of your target audience. Set up dedicated opt-in pages and drive traffic to them. The goal is to keep growing your list and gain momentum in the process.

Convert Subscribers to Customers: The real excitement begins when you turn those subscribers into paying customers. Encourage them to purchase your products or services, or explore opportunities with affiliate links. You can achieve this by offering more products, adjusting your prices, finding attractive affiliate offers, and optimizing your sales funnels. There’s a lot you can do to boost your bottom line once you have a steady stream of traffic and a growing list of subscribers.

Now, the true power of this approach becomes evident when you witness the synergy between these three elements.

By increasing both the quantity and quality of your traffic, improving your opt-in rates and creating high-value products with effective sales funnels, you can experience exponential growth in your income.

Each of these aspects is beneficial on its own but when combined, the impact is truly remarkable.

Let’s illustrate this with an example:

Imagine starting with 100 new visitors per day. If 10 percent of them sign up for your mailing list, you gain 10 new subscribers daily. Let’s say one of these subscribers purchases a product priced at $10.

Now, let’s double your traffic.

With no other changes, your daily income increases from $10 to $20. But what if you also manage to improve your opt-in forms, achieving a 20% conversion rate?

Additionally, you create a few more products, and each customer ends up spending three times as much as before.

With these improvements, your daily results skyrocket.

You now gain 40 new subscribers each day, which means 4 new customers. If each of them spends $30 in your shop, your daily income jumps to $120. That’s a remarkable increase from the initial $10, and all it took was doubling your traffic.

Impressive, right?

So, by focusing on building traffic, growing your email list and converting subscribers into customers, you can create a powerful cycle of growth that takes your online business to new heights.

Keep rocking it!

Vera JM Friesen: Online Business Planning To Rock Your Year

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πŸš€Β Day Three: Increasing Traffic, Subscribers & Customers To Boost Your Bottom Line

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Vera JM Friesen, an entrepreneur since 1997, teaches people to become professional bloggers through her expertise and guidance. She empowers aspiring writers to thrive in the digital world, sharing insights and cultivating creativity for lucrative careers in blogging.


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