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Day Five: Why You Have To Write Your Business Goals Down

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We’ve talked a lot about setting business goals already. Have you thought about yours? More importantly, have you put them in writing?

Most people don’t and that’s a huge mistake. In today’s PDF Report I want to share my thoughts on why it’s so important to put them down on paper as well as what others have found when they do.

The difference the simple act of writing goals down makes is astonishing, but there’s even more you can do… and it’s as easy as pie.

Don’t forget to respond to the email for today. I’d love hear what you think about this 7 day course so far. What’s been helpful, what hasn’t, and what questions do you have about planning for future success?

Take a minute to download and read the PDF by “right clicking” the link below and then stay tuned for tomorrow’s email and PDF.


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