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Video & Coffee Chat: Do The Work You Love With Robert E. Wood

I had the most wonderful chat with my awesome cousin, Robert E. Wood.

Let me tell you, he’s a talented Canadian Fine Artist and an absolute gem. During our conversation, we delved into his passion for painting, his incredible books, and he even dropped some inspiring words for all those eager to dive into new ventures or start their own businesses.

Robert is such a visionary when it comes to his artwork.

He pours his heart and soul into every stroke of the brush, creating captivating masterpieces that truly leave you in awe.

He shared some insights into his creative process and how he brings his ideas to life on the canvas. It’s fascinating to hear about the dedication and talent that goes into producing such beautiful art.

Robert isn’t just an artist, he’s also an accomplished author.

He’s written some incredible books that delve into various aspects of art, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. It’s fantastic to see how he combines his passion for painting with his gift for storytelling, inspiring fellow artists and enthusiasts along the way.

One thing that really struck me during our conversation was Robert’s belief in the power of learning from others. He emphasized the importance of surrounding ourselves with those who excel in our desired field.

When you’re looking to embark on a similar journey as others who are already doing great things, being in their presence and absorbing their knowledge is invaluable.

Robert encouraged everyone to seek out mentors, attend workshops, and participate in communities that nurture growth and learning. It’s a brilliant reminder that success often comes from a place of humility and a willingness to learn from those who have walked the path before us.

All in all, my conversation with Robert was truly uplifting and enlightening.

His passion for art, his literary pursuits, and his words of encouragement left me feeling inspired and motivated. It’s incredible to have such an amazing cousin who is making a difference in the art world and beyond.

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