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[CLOSED] Now You Can Have A Planner That Manages Your Daily Business & Helps You Plan Your Passive Income Projects

Note: This planner has been downloaded 380 times and is now CLOSED so I can focus on my new customers inside our exclusive Facebook Group. 🙂

I’d like to thank everyone who made this launch such a successful one. I’m feeling very blessed & motivated to work with those who are planning inside the pages of this planner.

We will re-open again late 2019. Let’s make this the best year of our lives!!! 

– Vera JM.


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I was completely frustrated and starting to miss important details within my business. I manage a lot of details for events, scheduling, invoicing and the work on my passive income sources have been pushed aside. I decided I needed to do something about it.

This business planner is exactly what I use every single day to stay focused on my business tasks and to grow my passive income. Passive income takes work to put together and this will help me (and you) stay on track.

You have a business to run, I will never forget the days of having 5 retail stores AND power selling on eBay at the same time. Let’s do this together.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” -Oprah Winfrey

Inside the 2019 Business Planner You Will Find:

Affiliate Product Promotions – This is the spot where you can keep track of the affiliate programs you’re focusing on to promote.

My Affiliate Program – If you have an affiliate program, you can keep track of top affiliates and helps you reach out to more affiliates to promote your products.

Interviews Scheduled – If you plan to do a Facebook Live, schedule a guest for your podcast or any other type of meeting, it’s important to know the details. It’s helpful to keep track of guests.

Guest Blogging – This one is a good reminder for me to do, I rarely guest blog and would love to explore it more next year.  The guest blogging tracker keeps all information in one spot for you. Where you’re guest blogging and who is guest blogging on your blog.

Graphics – We forget sometimes new graphics can spruce things up. If you have a product it’s good to keep the graphics fresh and make sure you have graphics for your affiliates.

Give Away Funnel Outline – Give away’s are a great way to increase your affiliate income, this outline helps you keep track of what you’re promoting.

Advertisers & Sponsors – This is a great way to stay on track of the advertisers and sponsors who have paid you and what you’re giving in return.

Media Page – Do you have a media page on your blog? If not, let’s get that going! Keep track of all the good stuff about you on your media page.

Password Tracker – If you’re anything like me, you have a gazillion passwords. I change my passwords all the time too for online safety. This tracker tracks your passwords.

2019 Affiliate Product Launch Dates – I have my favourite products that I promote, I especially love being involved with high profile product launches because I learn so much. This is the spot that I stay on top of all of my affiliate promotions.

My 2019 Product Launch Dates – Have you done your own product launch yet? If not, let’s go! This sheet will get you producing your own launch in no time.

My Dreams – Ahhh, yes, what are you dreaming about?

My Goals – Let’s focus your goals so you can get them accomplished.

My Motivations For Each Goal – This is a very important part of goal setting, attaching your motivations is so key to staying on track.

My Business Vision – I’ve had a business since I was 20 years old but have never written a business plan… but a business vision yes! It’s super fun to “see” things before they happen.

My Life Vision – Same thing goes here, what is your life vision, write it out. Plan to experience new things in life.

My Vision Statement – Write it out, the vision statement shares what you want to accomplish.

Actions I Need To Take – Actions are important, write out *exactly* what you need to do.

I Want To Learn – I love this part where I can write down everything that I want to learn in the next year.

Debts To Destroy – Yes! Let’s destroy those debts!

I’m Reducing My Debt By – Let’s look at those ugly numbers and make it into something beautiful! 

I’m Saving For – What are you planning for? I recently was able to save enough to purchase 100 of my own books for my “book launch party”.

Quarterly Planning – What are your plans for each quarter, write them down so you stay on target.

Monthly Plan – This was created so you can stay on top of your monthly to do’s without cluttering up your daily lists.

Monthly To Do List Brain Dump – I need to brain dump constantly and knew this would be best to have as a monthly item.

Monthly Articles – What articles are you going to share on your blog and around the web? You need content, so plan out your keywords and get going!

Monthly Outsourcing – What can you give to others so you can clear your own plate?

Series Ideas – Brainstorm your “series” ideas for your blog.

Monthly Income – Stay on top of your monthly income and watch it go up.

Monthly Expenses – Keep track of the monthly expenses too so you’re very aware of what’s happening.

Yearly Review – End the year with a bang! Wrap it up with the yearly review.

Notes – Lots and lots of extra space for notes.

Monthly Top Posts – What are the top posts, videos, things that you did? Mark down why they worked and do much more of it.

Daily Plan – Yes, the daily plan, this is exactly what keeps me on track!

Journal – This is part of my morning routine, so I had to add a daily journal for you as well.


Here’s What People Are Saying…

I love planners, workbooks, and journals, but I have to say I was blown away. Perhaps there are some out there, but I’ve never found a business planner that so directly addresses my needs in building an online business. (Please forgive the disorder to my comments!)
I love that you mention God right in the intro. Why? It made me feel like I knew something important about you, and it makes me feel like we share something in common. I also liked seeing your picture, as it made me feel like there was a real person behind this product.
I don’t recall if this is a downloadable or if there will be a paperback version, but I appreciate that I can read everything. Seriously. I paid almost $50 for  a business planner. It’s gorgeous, but there are pages where the font is so tiny and the colors so bright that I can’t read the words. And I don’t wear glasses–yet.
I love the yellow choice, but that’s definitely a personal taste. (My wedding colors were red and yellow.)
The editor in me wants to nitpick about some minor details, but to be honest, I wouldn’t care about any of them if I bought this planner. The content feels so rich, and that’s what makes the biggest impression.
I especially love the affiliate, guest blogging, monthly article, monthly income, monthly savings, monthly numbers, monthly top posts, and review pages. Anything that encourages me to look at numbers is always inspiring to me.
Since I didn’t print it out and use it for a while, I can’t offer any feedback on the order of the pages.
The one thing that worried me a little was the number of pages. While it feels super juicy and valuable, I hesitate to print so many pages. That’s crazy, I know! For the yearly journal, I would probably print one month at a time.
Candice L. Davis – Master Author Coach | Speaker

I love having the affiliate stuff up front. I can never find my lists, notes, printed emails, post-it notes all about affiliate promotions. I’ve tried to keep a separate digital file and even a physical folder, but nothing has worked. I see this really helping because it’s in with everything else in one place and it’s the first thing you see! (I do wish there was more room to write, but the pages are only so big, so I get it!)
For the guest blogging and interviews pages – Both of these tactics would probably be really good for my business but I don’t think about them very often. Once again, having them in the same place and close to the front will make them a priority
There are so many great ideas for things to track each month. I have heard the saying, “What you track, grows.” There’s a whole lot of stuff that will be growing! And it’s not just the tracking that’s awesome. The planning pages are great. Somewhere on my hard drive I have a ton of text files with the names of articles I want to write, things I want to delegate, and just a bunch of things I need to remember (those are on post-it notes everywhere as well).
The journal page included alongside the daily page is awesome. All my notes can go there – anything I would put in a text document or post-it note, phone numbers, things I need to remember, save, research, get back to, etc. all on one page. I can process the info on the page every night and have a fresh one for the morning. It will also come in handy for what it’s intended for – journalling!

Gillian Hood, MS, ACSM – Healthier Outcomes

“This planner is incredible! I don’t think anything has been left out. I am still in awe at the immense size it is. So much value for your money.

I have been in business for 10 years and I have so many pages, documents, folders, ideas, and more all on my computer or discs.

Whenever I need or want something, I have to try to remember which disc I put what on, and often times that becomes a big waste of time or headache.

No organization at all.

Being able to just put all my information into one planner like this and turn the pages is awesome. I can highlight things and see what to work on.I can layout
plans for a new project and keep my focus for marketing without feeling like I have lost track of all my links and what is working. I also like the brain dump pages. Maybe now my ideas won’t just be scribbles all over scraps of paper.

I know next year is going to be a productive and financially rewarding time with the help of this planner, and I can’t wait to fill out each and every page!”

Melanie Bremner – Children’s Picture Book Author and Illustrator

“Oh my gosh lady, I LOVE this!! You have covered every possible aspect of running a business, you have put it all in one place so there is no room to forget anything! Absolutely brilliant – well done!”


Kalyani Pardeshi – Kalyani Speaks

“I like all the the record keeping pages. You have everything in one place. Those pages let us record the results of different strategies so that we can see what’s working and what isn’t. That helps decide what to continue and what to drop. The monthly planning sections are really helpful.”

Jo McMahan – The Grant Coach

Love your planners!! They are very well  organized and thought out. I love the way you include everything/every category we need to consider when planning our year in business.
Great Job!!
Carol Owens – Writer

Exclusive Bonus! You will be added to our exclusive “2019 Business Planner VIP” Facebook Group to join the journey of developing & growing your business in the new year. 🙂


My Promise To You 


If you are not 100% happy with my business planner then I will refund it back to you immediately.

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I’m looking forward to creating the biggest income jumps in 2019, now I have the daily consistency to make it happen. I can’t wait to hear how it helps you too! 🙂

Vera JM Raposo

PS. Here’s a picture of my planner ready to go for 2019! I can’t wait to start filling in the fresh new sheets for a fresh new year! 🙂

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