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Michael Hyatt’s “5 Days To Your Best Year Ever” Review

Life is an adventure, there’s major ups and major downs but I realize this… It really is what you make it.

I love to plan like a crazy woman, the problem I’ve personally had since my daughter endured all the cancer treatments is IMPLEMENTING everything I know to do.


Because I got depressed, sad, challenged and I started to BELIEVE that I wasn’t the same person who had that entrepreneurial “get up and go”

I resigned myself to believing that I couldn’t make good choices therefore how could I possibly run a successful business again.

I’ve changed that, it’s been slow but as we know slow is not what is good in business.

Being focused and quick with our ACTIONS is what takes us to entirely new levels in our life goals.

I’ve started this process with some friends of mine now, it’s a course called, “5 Days To Your Best Year Ever” with Michael Hyatt.

I am being VERY intentional with my life in every single area and it’s sooooo worth the fight, and it’s taken a lot of courage.

Someone said to me the other day, “Vera, you have grit.”

I just finished the first video lesson by Michael Hyatt where we are uncovering our limiting beliefs and replacing them with liberating truths.

I am reprogramming my habits, my thoughts and my actions over a 5 day period. I have goals that I want to accomplish, the biggie for me is the book I’m writing.

That’s a limiting belief for me, I’ll share it here with you…


“I’m not a writer, there are others out there who are WAY better at it, how could I possibly do it?”


“I was uniquely created by God to bring this treasured message to the world. I have friends and family who support me and encourage me.”

I have also now gone ahead and created action items for each goal plus my entire 2016 year is now mapped out and I will be re-visiting my goals weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Before we take a look at what’s included, here are 3 videos for you to watch that will help you immensely…

Video #1 – The Designed Life

Designed Life

This video shares a contrasting look at the three types of lives we lead.  These are the “Drifting Life”, the “Driven Life” and the “Designed Life”.   Michael will guide you by giving you 3 Questions to answer enroute towards the “Designed Life”.  The “goal” is to provide you with a 30,000 foot view of the lives we unconsciously lead and help bring clarity to how we can consciously design the life we truly want.  The 3 Questions will then focus you on your first steps for setting yourself up for a breakthrough year.

Video #2 – Spend Your Days On Paper

Spend Your DaysVideo #2 builds on the momentum of Video #1.  Where the first video is all about the big picture of living a Designed Life, video 2 is all about bringing it down to today’s reality.  Michael does this through a powerful exercise called “Spend Your Days on Paper”.  In the video, he walks you through the exercise which will become an eye-opener for you in terms of what needs to happen with your calendar if you are to create space for everything you want to achieve.

Video #3 – A Proven Road Map

Proven RoadmapVideo #3 gets you to think about HOW you will accomplish this breakthrough year.  Video #1 tells you WHAT you need to do, video #2 shows you WHO you need to become and video #3 outlines HOW you can do it.

I’m enrolled in the VIP group and it’s already been such a blessing to me and I’ve already started working on my goals for the next year ahead. Pretty cool. Plus I’m now inside a VIP Facebook group where we are all supporting each other and it’s super neat to network with some pretty smart people.

Is This Course For You? 

I truly believe this course is for high achievers who are ready to take their life to a new level. This course isn’t just about business, it incorporates my Faith (which I love because there’s some teachings about Jesus sprinkled in there), it encourages personal life goals as well as encouragement to change your thinking.

If you are new to goal setting it’s definitely a pretty fantastic way to go. I can say this though, if the price seems to high you should still sign up to get Michael’s videos which I shared about above.

Here’s My Copy 

byeYou may wonder why I would promote someone else’s goal planning system since I sell my own. Here’s the thing, I am always working on my life, on being a better person in every single area of my life.

Life changing stuff.

The only real negative I can see would be the price, 5 years ago it wouldn’t have been a big deal to me but today I look at that cost a whole lot differently.

Another negative I look for when implementing anything new is the time it takes me to absorb and take action on the material. But I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to follow and to start implementing,  so for that I am thankful.

It also makes me a better teacher too because everything I learn gives value to the lives of others.

So here we go into a brand new year, what are your plans?

For me I plan to live the biggest, bestest ever version of my life.  I’m 43 years old, a forever entrepreneur and I needed to share with you exactly what I’m working on so you can see my progress and if you join it will help you too.

It’s rock solid information to getting the most out of life and business.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make this the best year ever together 🙂

Wishing you the best in the new year! 

P.S. I will continue to follow up with you on this product because I’m a true believer in giving a real view of what happens so watch for my next writing on this topic, it’s a real live case study of what I’m doing.

Please note: that I will recommend other peoples products from time to time and receive an affiliate commission for it. I only recommend the best of the best courses because I am using what truly helps my own life too. I always recommend products that I utilize in my own business and that I can feel confident sharing with my own adult kids.