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Make Room In Your Life For Your Launch

Make Room in Your Life for Your Launch

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Developing a new service or product is a lot like planning a wedding. It’s an event in and of itself and takes a good deal of time outside of the ordinary things already going on in your life. Adding something that takes more than a little time has the potential to disrupt your life if you don’t make room.

Depending on the type of launch you have planned or the intensity of the planning and delivering of your new product, you may need to make important changes to make room for the effort and mindspace that your launch will take. Consider these do’s and don’ts to make sure you have all the room you need for a successful launch.

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Do: Consider the timing of your launch.

Make sure your launch isn’t competing with any other vital goings-on in your family. Is there a life event that conflicts with the timing of your launch? Will your launch be competing against important occasions like a wedding, graduation, birth of a child? Timing is everything when committing time and resources for a launch.

Do: Streamline your schedule during your launch.

Life is filled with commitments and adding a ramp-up for a launch can stretch you thin. When you make your plans for a launch, include cutting back on other commitments for a while so you can focus your attention on the launch without being overwhelmed.

Do: Involve your family and colleagues.

Communication can prevent a lot of stress. Letting everyone know that you are planning a launch and need support helps reduce being pulled in too many directions. Keeping those closest to you informed of your progress and what details may keep you occupied can keep everyone on the same page and in continuous support of your launch.

Don’t: Underestimate the time commitment.

Launches have hiccups. Things come up that aren’t anticipated and can cause delay or stress. Build in room for unexpected expenses in your launch budget as well as time reserves for setbacks you can’t control. At the least, you’ll end up under budget and early if there aren’t any major setbacks.

Don’t: Fail to ask for help.

Pride has a lot to do with failure. Being unable or unwilling to ask for help causes a lot of people to suffer in silence or take things out unknowingly on their family. Be sure to have a confidant or accountability partner that you can lean on and ask for help when times feel tough.

Don’t: Forget to have fun!

You’ve created this product or service to help others and in the beginning, things may have felt magical. As the realities and the work set in, it may have shifted from fun to frazzled. Keep the main thing the main thing. Remember to have fun and do what you can to keep your spirits high as you prepare to launch.

Be sure to have a confidant or accountability partner that you can lean on and ask for help when times feel tough. Click To Tweet

Adding the launch of a product or service into your work life is going to impact your home life. Being aware that things can get out of whack for a while is part of the battle. Once you accept that planning a launch is going to take extra time and energy, you can adjust your life – for a moment – and make room for your launch. The more prepared you are, the easier things are going to be!

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