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How To Write Your Life Story With Gratitude, Heal The Past and Make a Change Today

Vera JM Friesen
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Get excited about life again by writing out your story and hope for the future.

How To Write Your Life Story is a five part system that will take you through writing your life story with gratitude in your heart.

It will help you uncover the deep parts that are holding you back in life and discover the miracles that are yet to come.

Share Your Legacy

Share your life story and leave a piece of who you are with your children and grandchildren. Share all the dreams in your heart even if you feel all is lost, it’s not… there is so much hope for now and the future.

Courage To Look At It All

We will uncover and walk through the trauma parts in your life, looking deeply within a new lens of gratitude so you can break these patterns and change the trajectory of the generations to come. You will write your life story out and be able to share the good and even the things you don’t want to share in a new way so that your family can learn from your mistakes and you can move forward with love in your heart and create a new future.

Impact The People Around You

You may feel that no one will want to read what you have to say but that’s simply not true. Your family loves you and your life story will impact many people and change the world. You are the one who has walked through the experiences of joy, love, life lessons and even the trauma that will help others or you can simply write it all out so you can walk into freedom and experience a new direction in your life.

Your Own Creative Journey

This will be a creative journey that will truly transform your life as there will be so many miracles uncovered through this process. It will also be amazing as you will get to know more of who you are, what makes you happy, how to walk through sadness and have incredible hope for the future.

Watch this space for videos, blog posts and more to inspire you to start writing and sharing your life story for healing and transforming your life into something you’re proud of to share.

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Vera JM Friesen  – Helping you write your life story with gratitude in your heart.
Vera JM Friesen