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Coffee Conversations

I love coffee and I love to chat so I put it together and got “Coffee Conversations”. There’s something special about sharing a cup of coffee with a friend and chatting about going for your dreams.

I love sharing people’s stories because I know as entrepreneurs, within each one of us is a passion that will never let go. It’s a lonely drive and I wanted to connect you here with others who may share something that you’re experiencing right now and help you push forward quickly without. Get you unstuck.

I love that. I love coming together with like minded people to chat about all things passion, drive, inspiration, focus, vision, purpose, momentum, abundance and so much more.

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Just go to my personal profile OR business page to watch live to engage, share and ask questions.

Watch Previous Coffee Conversations Here: 

Robert E. Wood (Canadian Fine Artist) – I had such a lovely chat with my cousin Robert E. Wood. We talked about his paintings, his books and he shared some encouraging words to anyone who is wanting to pursue new things or business in life.

Sandra Dee Robinson (Charismatic Cowgirl) – I spoke with my lovely friend Sandra Dee Robinson from Sandra Dee’s Charismatic Cowgirl who is a well known television actress, author, speaker and radio host. She is now empowering women by stepping into their most powerful self. She teaches “Charisma Coaching” for women in leadership roles to empower them to get stronger in communication and relationship skills.

Ricky Shetty (Daddy Blogger)Ricky and I were chatting over Facebook one day and came to the realization that we both just finished writing a book. So we decided to interview each other on it all. I’m fascinated that he’s been on the road for the last year and a half with his three young children and wife visiting places across South America.

Al Lamons (DJ Alibaba Vancouver) – Al and I had a wonderful conversation over coffee about being entrepreneurs. It was a lovely Facebook Live chat about the journey of being an entrepreneur, branding and little things we do to make sure we have great branding in place.

Jen Hamilton (Oxygen Yoga & Fitness) – It was so lovely chatting with Jen about her life and business decisions. We spoke about her franchise, how she has a life coach and keeping our emotions separate from work. We talked about how she encourages her customers and makes them feel like they are truly appreciated and hopes to give them the best experience she can.